Robby Foster LMHC

Robby Foster is a licensed mental health counselor. Robby is trained and efficient in CBT, Psychosomatic Therapy, Person Centered Approach, Emotion Focused, Solution Focused, Trauma Focused, Motivation interviewing, and Family Systems Therapy.  Robby has experience working with individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. His experiences ranges from working adolescent, adults, couples, and families. He has worked closely with individuals who have struggled with anger management, trauma, relationship concerns and substance use. Robby has also worked closely with the family members and loved ones of individuals suffering from substance use. Robby focuses on helping to improve relationships and effective communication skills.  He also helps individuals improve their emotional well-being, self-care, problem solving, and developing and utilizing effective coping skills. 


Nichole Hallahan LMHC

Nicole Hallahan is a licensed mental health counselor. Nicole has experience working with individuals suffering with severe mental health disorders. She has been advocate for individuals and families in the community to obtain specialty services. She has worked with an array of clients ranging from adolescent, adults, and families. Nicole focuses on bringing the best out of people. Nicole helps individuals and their families address their current needs, as well as developing the necessary skills to continue to address their needs after treatment.